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Ads Are the New Black: AOL Starts Streaming Classic Miramax Movies

By Janko Roettgers

Next up to take a page from Sony’s Crackle playbook is… AOL: The internet company has struck a deal with Hollywood heavyweight Miramax to stream movies from its library on its AOL On video website, as well as through its connected TV and mobile apps. Neither company would commit to listing any specific titles that will be available, but Variety helpfully reminds us that the Miramax catalog includes movies like Pulp FictionChicagoCinema Paradisoand Reservoir Dogs.

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Tech is Exploding All Across the UK, Not Just in London

UK Clouds 520x245 Tech is exploding all across the UK, not just in London

By James Parton

The Internet economy currently accounts for around 8.3 percent of British GDP according to Boston Consulting Group’s latest study,The Connected World. Not only is this a larger percentage than any other G20 nation, but this figure is expected to hit 12.4 percent by 2016.

We certainly can’t underestimate the significant role that London – and Tech City – is playing in these developments, but we have to recognise it’s the UK as a whole that will be key to hitting these 2016 projections.

London certainly is a heavyweight player. Last year, in Tech City alone, more than 15,000 startups launched, which is more than any other area in the country. From a Twilio perspective, London was a natural fit for our first home outside of San Francisco. A vibrant startup ecosystem, the financial market, talent and flexible business conditions were all contributing factors.

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Why Can Nike Dump the Fuelband? With Friends like Apple, It Doesn’t Need Its Own Hardware

Nike CEO Mark Parker and Apple CEO Steve Jobs during the May23, 2006 unveiling of a partnership between Nike and Apple. Photo by Mike Ehrmann/WireImage

By Kif Lefswing

If you want to track your fitness with Nike software, you’re probably going to have to use Apple products.

The news that Nike had laid off a majority of its digital sport hardware engineering team last week meant the reported end of Nike’s FuelBand, the oldest of the current generation of wearable fitness trackers. Nike will still be a player in the wearable space, but it will no longer be producing hardware, according to reports fromCNET and Recode.

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Slate Tries to Buck the Paywall Trend by Focusing on Membership

Slate premium1

By Matthew Ingram

There’s been a wave of online news outlets trying different versions of a paywall model over the past year or so, with everything from aNew York Times-style metered plan to a hard wall like the one that former Wall Street Journal writer Jessica Lessin has around her site The Information. But Slate — one of the oldest digital-only sites on the web — has chosen a somewhat different route: it just launched a “freemium” model that focuses on the benefits of membership rather than charging people for specific articles. But will it work?

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In the lead up to this year’s Boston Marathon, local film director, JJ Miller, took it upon himself to inspire his fellow Bostonians. With the message #WeWillRun, his online short film depicts runners determinedly training for this year’s marathon. 

Read More Launches Project You, Developed by BBDO New York

Monster, the worldwide leader in successfully connecting people to job opportunities, recently launched Project You, a unique social and digital experience that empowers young millennial professionals to embark on a journey of self-discovery and career improvement. The goal: to help people find better.

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7 Heartbleed Myths Debunked

By Adriana Lee

People are on edge thanks to Heartbleed, a coding mistake that inadvertently laid waste to the security of many big online services.

See also: What You Need To Know About Heartbleed

The revelation this week shocked the world. And new reports coming out about Heartbleed only seems to inspire more worries, not less. The unfortunate result is a lot of misinformation going around. 

Care to join me in a little debunking session? Here are some of the doozies I heard this week, and why they’re not true.

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Who Should Buy Google Glass?

By Taylor Hatmaker

For one day only, Google will put its futurewear optics on sale to the general public. On Tuesday, April 15 at 9am ET, Google will be “opening up some spots in the Glass Explorer Program,” allowing any U.S. resident to buy the before-its-time wearable computer known as Google Glass.

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Maureen Traynor and Jeff Rossi of Spotify visited the Digital Lab to discuss how the popular social music platform can be used by brands. In particular, they demonstrated the increasing use of curated, branded playlists, which present a creative way that brands can use music to communicate with consumers.


By Daniel Charness

Using social media to promote a charitable cause seems like an obvious strategy: first, you target those who will respond positively to the message, and then you ask them to either contribute or share the message, however best fits the cause.

The problem with this strategy, though, is that it can lead to what many describe as social media ‘slacktivism,’ in which potential activists effectively become passive observers–whether by ‘liking’ a post, reposting a video, or signing an online petition–rather than becoming active contributors to the cause.

But there is a way to leverage ‘slacktivism’ to a strategic advantage, and that’s exactly what the teams from Colenso BBDO and Pedigree did when launching ‘Share For Dogs,’ their latest online campaign for the PEDIGREE® Adoption Drive.

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